Te Papa Tongarewa


Te Papa is a bi-cultural institution in its organisational structure, exhibitions concept and its architecture. The final design brief centred on the Exhibitions Concept Plan developed by specialist exhibition designers, which expressed bi-cultural relationships through distinctive land settlement patterns of Aotearoa New Zealand. Thus, the Tangata Whenua Maori areas are facing North and the openness of the harbour, while the Tangata Tiriti Settler areas are aligned to the gridded street pattern of the early European settlers.

Victory Church


The Victory Christian Church Reinstatement Project results from New Zealand Transport Agency acquiring church land to construct Auckland’s Victoria Park Road Tunnel. Jasmax acted as administration architects for dKO Architecture who were the project design architects based in Melbourne. The work involves refurbishment of the existing Beaumont Centre 2400 seat Auditorium, the addition of an auditorium extension, and the construction of a new administrative building, fronting Beaumont Street and taking advantage of wide views over the Waitamata Harbour. A landscaped plaza and children’s play area form an external gathering space. The in-ground car park beneath is cut into the site, providing car parking for up to 347 vehicles, while being screened by “green wall” planting and a distinctive “saw tooth” façade.

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