141 Cambridge Terrace Taking Shape

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Thom Gill & Julian O'Neale

The new 6-storey office building at 141 Cambridge Terrace overlooking the Avon River in Christchurch reached a milestone last week, with the first of eight steel rocking frames being lifted into place. The frames are the heart of the building’s cutting-edge low-damage seismic system. At 22m, they form the tallest rocking-frame structure in the South Island. Special tensioned springs at the base of each frame act to release energy from severe earthquakes and restore the building to its original position.

To get the frame into position, it needed to be lifted clean over the neighbouring 151 Cambridge Terrace - an office building also designed by Jasmax and currently under construction – which as pictured above, created quite a sight.

Inside the building these muscular steel elements will be left exposed and frame matching linear atria that bring daylight and air down the full height of the building’s section. Exposed concrete double ‘t’ floors and active chilled beams further express the original design concept.

Due for completion in mid-June 2015, the building will provide much needed office accommodation in central Christchurch.

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