32 Promotions Announced for 2015

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Sarah Rothwell

In our second announcement this month, we’re pleased to recognise and congratulate a number of our colleagues and friends, as they’re promoted to Associates, Senior Associates and Associate Principals within the practice.

"As Jasmax continues to grow, so too is our collective offering. We’re now at over 250 across our four offices, delivering projects throughout New Zealand in highly collaborative, cross-studio design teams. Working at this scale, we’re thankful and appreciative of the commitment, effort and passion that every individual dedicates to delivering the best outcomes for our clients.

"These promotions, along with the senior leadership changes announced last week, are a reflection of the energy, culture and vision of Jasmax, and are an exciting glimpse of the future growth and development of the practice." comments Marko den Breems, Jasmax's Managing Principal.

These announcements follow a highly considered review process, which looks to the individuals’ commitment to our clients, the impact they have made on strengthening our internal culture and how they consistently demonstrate Jasmax’s core values. In particular, for the roles of Associate, Senior Associate and Associate Principal, we ask our nominators to consider how these individuals meet more strategic criteria, which we have outlined below the following titles.

In light of this, we ask you to join us in congratulating our friends, colleagues, peers, and in some cases, family!

Associate Principal

This role is recognition of the leadership that this person demonstrates, in respect to their significant influence within their studio across the practice and externally, in many cases supporting an existing Principal.

Tim Robinson – Tim plays an increasingly vital leadership role in the urban design team, assisting in business strategy and development. In particular, Tim has been instrumental in driving the practice’s commitment to the quality and affordability of housing and community design across Auckland.

Shauna Herminghouse – Shauna is a highly-talented architect with a specialisation in Interior Design. A major contribution to the culture within our Wellington studio, Shauna is instrumental in spearheading projects both nationally and internationally.

Tristram Collett – Tristram has been instrumental in the delivery of many complex and large-scale projects in the mixed-use, retail and education sectors across New Zealand. Of particular note is Tristram’s continued relationship with the University of Auckland; his most recent work with the institution has seen the Newmarket Engineering School’s Buildings 901-904 and 906 winning a 2015 Property Council NZ award.

John Dennehy - John has made a considerable contribution to both our Wellington and Christchurch studios. Having relocated to the Garden City in 2013, from our Wellington studio, John was a major part of the project team that delivered the award-winning 151 Cambridge Terrace. In particular, John has also made a valued contribution supporting the Design Technology team in our Christchurch studio.

Senior Associate

This person can best be described as one of our emerging leaders, demonstrating a wide contribution across the practice in a specialist capacity, are peer leaders or have a significant capacity within our studios.

Rob Lawry

Don Fraser

Joseph Muir

Jonathan Goss

James Raimon

Brad Middleton

Rula Alatia

Jeremy Benseman

Gary Cooke

Mary Henry

Patrick Loo

Jun Tsujimoto

Liam Carey

Michiel Gorter


This is someone who has been recognised as having demonstrated a wider contribution to Jasmax beyond their role.

Tom Norman

Melody Young

Jennis Lee

Anna Logan

Brendan Himona

Rameka Tuinukuafe

Daniel McNelis

Claire O'Shaughnessy

Meg Rowntree

Rowan Turkington

Kylie Falconer

Laura Cooke

Jonathan Tiplady

Matthew Downs

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