33 Promotions Announced for 2016

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    Dawn McMath

    The promotions announced this year reflect the commitment our colleagues have made to the quality of service and design that Jasmax offers to our clients, and the wider industry.

    We’re proud to be able to recognise individuals across the practice who continue to act beyond their daily role and strengthen the creative, collaborative and innovative culture within the practice.

    The actions each person has been recognised for upholding our core values of Empathy, Open Minds, Trust and Future Focus. Please join us in congratulating them.

    Associate Principal

    This role is recognition of the leadership that this person demonstrates, in respect to their significant influence within their studio across the practice and externally, in many cases supporting an existing Principal.

    Chris Boss - Chris has a passion for building; the art of building it seems, is in his DNA. His drive to get things right is infectious, and in him doing so he immensely improves the knowledge and skill of those within Jasmax as well as the wider teams he works with...and the great building outcomes are just a bonus!

    Justin Evatt - Justin's craft-oriented approach to architecture has always been impressive, with a background in furniture-making bringing a sophisticated understanding of detailing to his projects. This is particularly evident in the many community-oriented developments he has been involved in; from Whangarei Library and the award-winning Avondale College, to his very first project with Jasmax, the Britomart redevelopment.

    Mary Henry - Mary has always expressed an aptitude for leadership, and since her return from Brazil to Jasmax in 2013, this has been particularly evident in her lead role in the delivery of projects for AUT. Composed in all manner of challenges, which have included commercial, hospitality, infrastructure and high density residential projects, Mary has gained respect from clients, consultants and all those within the team that work with her. She has a passion for getting things right, and continues to extend this rigour to leading her teams to deliver the highest quality outcomes.

    Martin Walton - Martin epitomizes leadership by example, striving for excellence in the communication and delivery of architecture. More than this Martin recognises the importance of bringing people along on the journey and is a role model in developing and growing people through the practice of architecture.

    Ronald Chin - Ronald is exceptional at running large and complex projects, particularly of note is his planning, delivery and technical expertise. Ronald's interaction with clients is excellent and his calmness and composure under pressure is a real asset. He also has great ability building a team and mentoring staff.

    Rula Alatia - Rula shows excellent client liaison abilities on a very large and complex projects, while representing Jasmax very well in her position of leadership. She has an excellent ability in driving systems and processes and implementing them within the team. Rula also contributes to the wider industry with her involvement in the National Association of Women in Construction.

    Stephen Thurman - Stephen has demonstrated over a long period, a diligence, persistence and dedication to the practice. He has delivered many complex, award winning buildings and is largely responsible for leading the way and monitoring the technical quality of projects we deliver at Jasmax. He co-authored the Jasmax Quality Assurance Framework and has inputted in multiple strategic policies and processes that have been published by the Design Technology team. He is an NZRAB assessor, a recognised leader and mentor to many.

    Valentina Machina - Valentina is a well respected senior member of National Interiors team. With a depth of knowledge and willingness to work and mentor others, she takes projects to higher grounds and works impeccably with clients to gain their confidence, and create lasting working relationships.

    Senior Associate

    This person can best be described as one of our emerging leaders, demonstrating a wide contribution across the practice in a specialist capacity, are peer leaders or have a significant capacity within our studios.

    Ali Fuad

    Camden Cummings

    Carmel Wade

    Daniel McNelis

    Evan Williams

    Kimberly Browne

    Melanie Tristram

    Nick McKay

    Sarah Bryant


    This is someone who has been recognised as having demonstrated a wider contribution to Jasmax beyond their role.

    Amanda Kissling

    Anna Synge

    Barbara van Zyl

    Clive Jackman

    Cameron Pollock

    Jane Rickit

    Jitendra Sami

    Liz Aston

    Matt Watson

    Mark Sayegh

    Rory Kofoed

    Tim Stephens

    Tomasz Gibowics

    Sarah Rothwell

    Wendy Hunter

    Yirao Lee

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