39 Promotions Announced for 2017

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Sarah Rothwell

Today we're so pleased to celebrate with, and congratulate a number of our colleagues as 39 new promotions at Associate, Senior Associate and Associate Principal level were announced across the Practice.

We are proud of those people today who have shown not only a commitment to the Jasmax values, but also to the betterment of Jasmax and the wider team.

New Associate Principals include:

Sarah Bryant - Sarah is a Senior Workplace Strategist at NotYetKnown; the strategy division of Jasmax. Prior to joining NotYetKnown, she practiced as a designer of commercial interiors for over 13 years; delivering over 30 workplace designs across both New Zealand and the UK. Most recently, she led the Workplace Design of Fonterra’s award-winning global headquarters and was highly commended at last year’s National Association of Women in Construction awards. She’s also particularly passionate about the incorporation of health and wellness across organisations, and is currently researching how she can integrate this into her workplace consulting.

Andrew Grant - Andrew has 28 years of architectural experience, the last six of which have been with Jasmax. Prior to joining Jasmax, Andrew was director of his own practice for 17 years and developed extensive experience in education, banking, retail and domestic architecture. Andrew manages complex projects with calm resolve. His highly intelligent and informed response to problem solving is impressive, and can be demonstrated in projects including Ormiston Senior College.

Jerome Partington - Jerome has passionately led Jasmax’s sustainability agenda for over 10 years and through his exploration, networking, tenacity and passion, has been instrumental in cementing Jasmax as a leader in sustainability. His work developing strategy and processes, together with guiding, mentoring and coaching teams has assisted Jasmax to win a range of accreditations and awards for our clients and business. Most recently, Jerome supported the verification process through to completion of New Zealand’s first certified Living Building, Ngāi Tῡhoe’s tribal headquarters, Te Kura Whare.

There were also 14 promotions to Senior Associate:

This person can best be described as one of our emerging leaders, demonstrating a wide contribution across the practice in a specialist capacity, are peer leaders or have a significant capacity within our studios.

Liz Aston

Jane Rickit

Laura Mahon

Barbara Van Zyl

Christopher Samuelian

Cameron Pollock

Matthew Downs

Tomasz Gibowicz

Anna Ryder

Meiling Honson

Kate Larkin

Louise Goss

Oliver Haydon

Tim Stephens

In addition the following were promoted to Associate:

This is someone who has been recognised as having demonstrated a wider contribution to Jasmax beyond their role.

Kate McDougall

Mark Vryenhoek

Thane Houston-Stevens

Phillip Bond

Roberta Johnson

Paul Lelieveld

Ludovic Bacon

Annis Lee

Stephanie Darlington

Matteo Garbagnati

Elsa Benjamin

Ryan Simpson

Maja Gibowicz

Vesna Paligora

Prue Fea

Patricia Lai

Phil Judd

Melanie Kassian

Mike Weatherall

Marcus Robinson

Averil Moore

Sandra Hu

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