Art in Jasmax: HEITIKI by Jamie Boynton

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Sarah Rothwell & Jamie Boynton

HEITIKI, a new exhibition by Jamie Boynton, is a stylised tribute to one of our much loved cultural icons. The installation takes pride of place in our Auckland Studio until 25 June. We’re also pleased the exhibition is part of the 2015 Matariki Festival, with a presentation evening to be held on 23 June.

No longer does the heitiki just have special meaning for Maori…it has been embraced by popular culture, and is an ‘iconic’ image that links us to New Zealand.

One theory of the origin of the heitiki suggests a connection with Tiki, the first-born of Ranginui (Sky Father) and Papatuanuku (Earth Mother). The origin of knowledge of our native customs was from Tiki. Another theory is that the heitiki is a fertility symbol connected to the ancestor Hine-te-iwaiwa.

“Carefully constructed, utilising a combination of new and recycled materials, the Heitiki are ‘seeds’. They symbolise our ancient connection to Earth and are designed to reflect our contemporary culture, and creative potential."

Traditionally carved from pounamu, the heitiki are considered a taonga (treasure). It is said, the mana (prestige) of the heitiki increases as it passes from one generation to another. A generic meaning for heitiki is to help with fertility, good luck and keeping bad spirits away.

Following his exhibition at the Jasmax Auckland studio, Jamie then took his installation down to our Tauranga studio as part of their Design Series. See more of the Tauranga Design Series.

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