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Sarah Rothwell

We're pleased to welcome local artist Kathryn Stevens as she installs her new exhibition at the Jasmax Auckland office. Here she tells us more about it:

That space may be constructed, created and claimed has long held my interest, along with that of many artists, past and present.

Our perception of space is a process through which we become aware of our environment and our relative position in the world. We construct space, perhaps altering its function, and in this way contain it. Are we just attempting to understand it.

Construction and the structures that belong to it alter our perception. The latent space becomes active.

In our urban environment we see many structures. They outline and ‘make visible’ the space within them, which we inhabit; the space that always was is somehow made more present, when framed by those structures.This exhibition at Jasmax comprises three paintings and two installations.

The paintings explore the construction of space and our perception or reading of it. Inspired by urban construction, played out within the restrictions of the two dimensional surface. It is the tension between surface (painting) and space (possibility) that creates instability/restlessness in the painting.

The two installations are a response both to the environment, and to the activity (architecture) that is housed in this building.

  • The hallway work is an exploration of gravity and the movement of a line through space. The line can be read as a metaphoric representation of the act of construction.

  • The cut and painted blue wall work simultaneously utilises and denies the two dimensional surface. The mesh-like cutting implies movement both away from the wall and between the panels vertically down the wall.

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