Tauranga Design Series: Sarah Backler

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Dawn McMath

Jasmax Tauranga’s Studio doors opened for their first exhibition on 27 May, hosting local artist Sarah Backler. Honouring the everyday object, Sarah’s pieces are intended to be used, enjoyed and cherished. Sarah’s creations invite viewers to consider what we surround ourselves with and how it adds to our experience.

An Industrial Designer with a long standing love of ceramics. Sarah turned her passion into a vocation, crafting delicate porcelain products in her generous garden shed studio. Through exploration and experimentation a unique process was found that infuses traditional slip-casting methods with digital technology. The exhibition showcased three series comprised of vessels and bowls:

Conflux explores the beauty of transition reflected by forms that begin as one shape and finish as another. Precise textures define the form as contour lines define a landscape. The conflict between machine precision and the irregularities made by hand are conserved in porcelain and protected in glaze.

Diverge focuses on simplicity and complexity via a white setting. ‘Forms combine the crispness of a ruled line with the softness of a hand drawn circle’. Vessels made of raw porcelain are sheathed in a translucent glaze adding a softness and complexity to textures beneath. Linear textures wrap the exterior walls complementing a purposely smooth internal surface.

Inversion is conveyed by delicate forms reoriented and repurposed. Fine elegant walls open to reveal a brightly coloured glazed interior that make subtle references to the exteriors texture.

Riding high on the success of this first exhibition, Jasmax Tauranga look forward to hosting a series of events and talks aimed at bringing together the local design community. Those in the vicinity keep an eye out for more events coming throughout the year. If you’d like to be on the mailing list, please contact Louise Pieters, based in the Tauranga Studio.

Thanks to Resene Construction Systems, the key sponsor for the Tauranga Design Series.

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