Auxiliary Works: Opening Night

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Dawn McMath

Thursday 17 March saw the opening of an all-Jasmax art exhibition 'Auxiliary Works' at the Railway Street Studios in Newmarket, Auckland. A collection of artworks from 16 of Jasmax's staff from across the country, the exhibition will be running until Tuesday 5 April.

We're pleased to have been given the opportunity to bring together and celebrate the talents of many of our designers, and to showcase some insights into their visionary minds.

We'd like to congratulate all those who have been involved in the the exhibition: Rula Alatia, Meg Back, Hamish Boyd, Liam Carey, Isaac Chang, Olivia Collinson, Cameron Deynzer, Krishna Duddumpudi, Nicola Hsu, Melanie Kassian, Bojana Kavrakovska, Amanda Kissling, Fruzsina Korosy, Billie Popovic, Paul Smith and Barbara Van Zyl.

Auxiliary Works presents pieces across a range of mediums, including photography, ceramics and sculptures, paintings, drawings and a unique interactive digital profiler.

The Studio writes, "landscapes manipulated by people, customised jewellery, striking animal portraiture, found objects and technically proficient works of art...this eclectic range of works that will surprise and delight your aesthetic sensibilities."

We'd love for you to visit the exhibition!

For all details, please visit the Railway Street Studio website - the exhibition will run 17 March - 5 April

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