Christchurch Boys' High School Open New Hall

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Amanda Kissling

Christchurch Boys' High School (CBHS) have recently celebrated the opening of their new hall. Capable of housing the whole school (up to 1300 people), the new building replaces the original damaged in the Christchurch earthquakes, creating a heart to the campus and connecting to the well-recognised original brick building.

The new hall, designed in a collaborative process with CBHS and the Ministry of Education, was inspired by the notion of bringing people together, and the idea that the wind led both Maori and European settlers to New Zealand. The resulting exterior form and patterned glass canopy seek to give the idea of the wind blowing the native wetland rush plants - wiwi and traditional swamp grasses - raupo.

The interior of the new hall also included the restoration of wall panels from the old hall as well as memorial doors unveiled in 1953 by Christchurch Boys’ alumnus and New Zealand WW2 hero Sir Howard Kippenberger, which commemorate more than 200 CBHS old boys who perished in WW2.

The opening ceremony was attended by the MoE, past pupils, staff, and current pupils and included a rousing full school haka.

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