City Rail Link: An Update

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Chris Jack

The City Rail Link (CRL) is currently brainstorming through Auckland’s CBD. It’s the transport development that will “turn a dead-end train network into a two-way system that can connect more people to more places.” The CRLL team have just issued their second annual Sustainability Review of the City Rail Link project – there’s some interesting facts about the project and transport statistics in here that you may find of interest.

More than just providing transport options to, from and across the city, the CRL project is also targeting some serious environmental and emission solutions. The NZ Government press release issued after the Paris Agreement quoted road users as 34.8% of New Zealand’s total emissions – that’s around 30% more than other areas like agriculture, construction and manufacturing.

Trains are estimated at just 0.1% of those emissions.

The 3.4km of tunnels being built beneath the city have targeted sustainable, low-waste solutions – and they’re already winning awards for their efforts. From the adaptive re-use works at the Britomart Transport Centre and historic Chief Post Office, where over 100 fixtures and fittings from the 2005 restoration have been reused, to mandates through management, policy and procedural plans. The process has been commended for its mana whenua consultation and the integration of stakeholder feedback too.

Right now the construction of the tunnels is little more than a nuisance. But what’s coming is something that will change Auckland as we know it. Much like the waterfront transformations following the America’s and Rugby World Cups. Underground stations, retail units, restaurants, laneways and courtyards are all on their way to downtown Auckland.

It's finally all becoming a reality.

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