Cycling’s Sculptural Subway Opens

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Dawn McMath

Sculpture meets infrastructure as the new Russley Road cycling and walking underpass opens near Christchurch International Airport.

The 180 metre cycling underpass stretches from East to West of Russley Road, linking the airport with the route to the city, its design intended to evoke the West Coast, Southern Alps and broad Canterbury Plains, .

The underpass was commissioned by NZTA, designed by Jasmax’s Landscape Architecture team and built by McConnell Dowell. It forms part of the network in Christchurch which is aiming for a threefold increase in cycling movements by 2041.

"It’s a beautiful piece of the city’s new infrastructure. It’s built to be visually striking. It’s crisp and vibrant,” says Mike Thomas, Principal and a senior landscape architect.

“This is exemplary promotion of cycling and walking in the city, and easily matches similar links in Auckland or Wellington.

"At Jasmax, most of us cycle to work. It is philosophically important to us to elevate cycling in Christchurch to a level in public perception above a shared lane on the side of the road – hence the care, quality and design attributes in this piece of work. Cycling is a brilliant sustainable form of transport.”

The project recently won the award in the Excellence in Civil Concrete Construction category at The 2016 Concrete³ Sustainability Awards.

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