Event: Park[ing] Day 2015

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Amanda Kissling

The Jasmax Wellington studio are excited to be a part of this year's PARK[ing] Day, arranged by the Wellington Sculpture Trust in association with Wellington City Council.

Michelle Hall, Darni Struijck and Thane Houston-Stevens from our Wellington studio worked on a series of concepts for the initiative, and were the only team to have all three entries accepted for installation on the day.

Park[ing] Day is an annual open-source global initiative that invites designers to take an ordinary carpark and temporarily transform it for the day.

The three entries, ‘A Giant Pillow’, ‘TakeAway ThrowAway’ and ‘The Circle of Life’, are hands-on installations that are playful, yet challenge the need for more urban open space; a key notion of the Park[ing] Day initiative. The team at Jasmax were keen to get involved as they saw it as an opportunity to draw attention to the idea of designing sustainably:

  • A Giant Pillow is made from recycled wool insulation collected from construction sites in Wellington. The object asks pedestrians to sit back, reflect, and enjoy.

  • Take-Away/Throw-Away proposed to collect rubbish for a month, treasuring all recyclable items and painting any non-recyclable rubbish in paint.

  • The Circle of Life brings attention to the deteriorating air quality of the urban environment. It is a small lung in the city.

Bring your team down to say hello, we’d love to see you there!

When: Wednesday 11 March - for one day only!

Where: Johnston Street (near Midland Park)

Time: Anytime 8.00am til 6.00pm

Michelle, Darni and Thane will be on site all day and the whole Wellington team will be out and about during the lunch break.

We’d like to thank those suppliers who have been generous in supporting the creation of our installations; Vidak, Haworth by Europlan, Kada, Backhouse, Autex, Resene, Calvert Plastics, Natural Habitats, Urban Turf Solutions, Fiona Houston-Stevens, Downer & Gabion.

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