Fonterra Recognised at 2016 Interior Awards

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Dawn McMath

Congratulations to the Fonterra client, design and contractor team for taking home the top prize in the Over 1,000sqm Workplace category in the 2016 Interior Awards!

The Fonterra Centre is the kiwi-owned cooperative's global headquarters. Empowering their people to 'be as good as they can be', Fonterra identified that Activity Based Working was the key to creating a new home that supports its stakeholders in a sustainable and cost-efficient workplace. Fonterra has shown impressive commitment to prioritising 'people, process and technology' in order to make their leap to mobile working as successful as it is proving to be.

The Interior Awards Jury commented: "This impressive headquarters is a true testament of the designers' deep understanding of the diary giant's core values, branding and its relationship with rural New Zealand. It puts this to practice through a very cohesive design language and a distinct local accent. Unraveling from a 'touchstone' and its feature water pond, a sculptural staircase that symbolises a river flows up from the ground floor. Throughout, there is a palette of natural materials and farmland-influenced patterns and colour that enhances the client's desire to foreground their connection to the land. Nonetheless, the interior remains thoroughly global and well represents the ever-so-complex needs of multinational workspaces. It acknowledges the changing nature of the workplace, the role of technology in this and plans for it.

The design process shows a well-researched and meticulously-tested workplace strategy. It uses an extensive range of furniture typologies, creativity-inducing break-out zones, a persuasive sense of transparency and accessibility, and a forward-thinking ethos. The Fonterra headquarters is a seamless weaving of architecture, and interior design, corporate and national identity."

We would also like to say a heartfelt congratulations to Alan McCorkindale for being shortlisted as one of three finalists in the Emerging Designer Category; a recognition in itself.

And finally, congratulations to the 2016’s finalists and award winners of the night. To find out more click here.

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