Gallipoli in Minecraft® - AWMM Exhibition

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Sarah Rothwell and Jonathan Goss

Gallipoli in Minecraft® is a new and exciting interactive exhibition opening at the Auckland War Memorial Museum this Friday 24 April as part of a wider Anzac centenary programme.

Over the past year students from Alfriston College have been working in collaboration with the Museum, utilising their First World War collections of reclaimed artefacts, photographs, and written accounts from soldiers who were stationed Gallipoli. The students carefully studied these reference points to successfully and accurately recreate the landscape troops faced on reaching the peninsula in 1915 in the digital world of the popular online game, Minecraft®.

On completion of this Gallipoli in Minecraft® recreation, all that was left to do was the design of an exhibition which would bring the digital realm into the reality of the traditional museum gallery space. This is where Jasmax came in.

While dramatic fly-through projections and a commemorative digital poppy wall animation provide initial engagement for visitors, interactive-stations and Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles provide visitors of all ages the opportunity to interact with and learn about the events at Gallipoli through the Minecraft® world.

Display units, stylised as supply crates, host First World War artefacts, such as pickaxes and shovels, above their respective avatars from the digitally created world. While the floorplate, tiled to mimic the Minecraft topography of ANZAC Cove, locates museum visitors within the recreated beach landing, between the sea and the formidable cliff face of the Sphinx.

The exhibition is designed to be enjoyed and engaged with by all generations. Find out more from AWMM.

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