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Julian Andrews

At NotYetKnown, we spend a lot of the time thinking about the future, and what will drive individual and organisational success.

Awareness is growing that the way we have traditionally set up office work environments, with individually assigned desks tethering people to do most of their work in fixed locations, is often not fully productive. We want people to collaborate with others, break down those departmental silos, improve wellness and enable people to do their best work, but often in an environment that encourages us to be sedentary.

At a recent conference we started a conversation about the future of work, and interest was particularly high in discussing the topic of flexible/activity-based working, with a number of personal experiences and questions shared that reflected the cultural and technological challenges of this style of future work.

In particular, numbers quoted by NotYetKnown Principal Tim Hooson captured attention, and were shared by many people across the day. These were that in the new Fonterra building in Auckland, 1500 people can choose from around 2100 work points each day, and that what began as a property project was quickly broadened into a culture programme by Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings.

NotYetKnown is pleased to invite you to join this conversation as we host a get-together in our Auckland office on Wed 13 July. You don’t have to be actively considering alternative ways of working in your organisation, nor have the budget for a physical space redesign; this is instead an opportunity to think together about the future of work and how it might transform your organisation.

Where: Jasmax, 2 Marston, Parnell, Auckland

Date: Wednesday 13 July

Time: 6.00pm - 8.00pm including drinks and light snacks

Please RSVP here by Friday 8 July

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