Ivan Mercep Award Update

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Amanda Kissling

Architect Matt Watson was named as the recipient of Jasmax’s Ivan Mercep Award for 2016/17. The Award, which seeks to acknowledge and celebrate innovation, personal growth and design excellence, is granted to a Jasmax employee to undertake a development proposal which offers learnings back to the wider practice. Each winner receives $5,000 and a week of paid research time.

With all this talk about collaboration and open-learning spaces in the learning and workplace environment, Matt proposed TogetherAlone – a research project that looks at designing spaces for the introverts and ambiverts, as well as the extrovert. His focus is on analysing Innovative Learning Spaces, with introverts, extroverts and ambiverts in mind; seeking solutions that will provide for the full range of learning styles.

Matt asks the questions - “Do you find your energy in group settings, do you get your energy from some really focused work you’re doing alone. Do you get it from a little bit of both?” His research will look at how what we are designing is supporting the full spectrum of people who use those spaces.

Learn more about Matt’s research in this short clip.

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