Jasmax's First Public GRI Sustainability Report

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Kendal Clement

**"We are future focused. Through our actions and behaviour we aim to leave the world in a better place" - **Our Values

Sustainability is a core focus for Jasmax and as a practice, we continually search for ways in which to develop further in this arena. As part of this ongoing commitment to sustainability (internally and in our designs), we are now proud to launch the Jasmax GRI Sustainability report.

We chose to use the internationally-recognised GRI Framework, as it accurately portrays relevant information and statistics for our stakeholders through a series of reporting initiatives.

The 2015 GRI Report has brought to light a number of key findings that depict our progress and also pave the way for future change and improvement. To learn more about Jasmax’s sustainable journey, please request a copy of our 2015 GRI Report by emailing marketing@jasmax.com

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