Learning Environment Landscape Award Win

Congratulations to St Andrew’s College in Stowan, Christchurch, and the Jasmax Landscape team for winning the Learning Environments NZ 2018 accolade for Excellence in Educational Facilities – Landscape/Outdoor Learning. The playground and landscape accompany the school’s Stewart Junior Centre.

Jasmax designers worked closely with St Andrew’s staff and play consultant, Tina Dyer, to design a playground which is not only a fun play space, but one that would enrich and enhance students learning with an emphasis on sustainability.

Lead landscape architect on the project, Adrian Taylor, says, “We want students to engage with the environment through a variety of ways. There are student gardens to educate on nature and growing food and surface water is collected and flows through boulders providing a play element in rainy weather.”

“Social sustainability values are deeply ingrained through a diversity of gathering spaces and two playgrounds designed to provide interactive, creative and challenging play opportunities to inspire children to explore their world and nature.”

Read the full media release here.

The judges noted that “The Stewart Junior Centre illustrates the outcomes of a robust planning process, quality research and consultation. The design outcome has provided a creative place for a variety of learning opportunities, physical interactions and exploring the landscape in three dimensions. The design team are to be commended for their clear diagrams, detailed planning process and design outcome.”

“The finished product is pure excitement for the children, and we are delighted with how they interact with all aspects of the playground. We particularly like how the environment encourages the children to just play and have fun." - Principal of Preparatory School and Deputy Rector, Jonathan Bierwirth