Pop Drop Goes to Sydney Festival

We're excited to announce that ‘Pop Drop’, an interactive installation of super-sized water-filled droplets, has been reimagined as ‘Moon Drops’ and will arrive in Darling Harbour in January 2019 as part of Sydfest.

The brainchild of a team of five Jasmax designers in collaboration with Alt Group and Auckland Council Public Arts and Culture team, the drops appeared on Auckland’s waterfront as part of the Auckland Arts Festival in 2017.

An architecturally inspired concept, the giant, water-filled droplets placed on the edge of the harbour were designed to bring a new sensory experience to the water’s edge – and to subtly challenge how people think about and engage with each other in public spaces within the city.

You can play, step, jump and roll on the drops – they’re like a rubber-encased drop of water or a mysteriously shifting spec of mercury, but scaled up by 1000%.

Chris Jack, Jasmax Principal and Architect, says of the team of five Jasmax designers who developed the original concept, “We are thrilled to be bringing the drops to Sydney. The drops are about bringing something unexpected to a familiar space; they seek to introduce qualities such as softness, intimacy and spontaneity to the hard fabric of the city.”

The original Jasmax design team comprised of Olivia Collinson, Jayne Kersten, Laura Cooke, Zee Shake Lee and Chris Jack.

Moon Drops At Darling Harbour will run from 9-28th January 2019. They’re part of the Moon Precincts series of free events during the Sydney Festival.

More information can be found here.