Tauranga Design Series: Fiona Kerr Gedson

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Amanda Kissling

The highly successful Tauranga Design Series recently hosted an exhibition of works by artist Fiona Kerr Gedson. The meticulously crafted feather pieces are described as incredible expressions of many cultures, and our Tauranga Studio was honoured to work alongside Fiona to exhibit her work.

The internationally acclaimed artist works with a simple philosophy “My work allows me to reflect and honour the things that are important to me. Through my work I have had amazing opportunities to connect with such interesting people and share some incredible experiences”. Fiona wants to create soulful and elegant pieces. It goes without saying that this is what she has achieved.

Thank you to the Tauranga Design Series’ key sponsor Resene Construction Systems for their continued support in celebrating and engaging with local artists. The series aims to promote conversations around the value and importance of art and design in our community.

For more information about Fiona and her work, check out her website here.

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