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Amanda Kissling

Mayank Thammalla, Robert Park and Rebecca Wennerstrand were recently recognised with one of 22 Honourable Mentions in the global eVolo 2017 Skyscraper Competition, with their entry ‘The Silver Lining’. An annual competition, the award calls for entries worldwide, and recognises visionary ideas for projects that challenge the way we understand vertical architecture and its relationship with natural and built environments.

Team member Mayank Thammalla made the goal of entering the competition while still at uni, and on meeting Robert Park,while working at Jasmax, decided the time was right. Mayank and Robert were challenged by the big, bold ideas they had seen previously in the competition and sought to express their design ethos; simplicity, functionality and utilitarianism through their submission.

The brief encouraged participants to deal with current issues and the team saw the opportunity to create a project with a humanitarian, sustainable and social focus. The Silver Lining Project is based in the Syrian Capital of Damascus and endeavours to re-use rubble to aid in rebuilding the destroyed urban context.

Rebecca Wennerstand joined the project team in the final stages, creating the compelling and hope-filled imagery from which the name ‘The Silver Lining’ was inspired.

The competition awarded 3 winners and 22 honourable mentions from a total of 444 entries globally – Well done Mayank, Robert and Rebecca!

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