Victoria St Development Taking Shape!

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Amanda Kissling

The Victoria Street Development is well underway, with the project due for completion in mid-2017. The project will provide a combination of retail, hospitality and office space in the heart of Wellington’s creative Cuba quarter.

Developers Luigi Muollo and Pat Vinaccia of Cook Strait Properties have been working with Jasmax to create a building that offers a strong presence on the prominent street corner. With a number of the tenancies filled, the aspiration to create an activated frontage to engage with the significant number of pedestrians that pass by daily, is set to become a reality.

The development will also offer boutique retail tenancies fronting Lombard lane, with café space opening out to Denton Park. The additions will add a vibrancy to a previously bleak little alleyway, while drawing on its past for inspiration. The new development is split into three portions, stepping down from the corner to the original height of the old post office building, ensuring a human scale is retained.

A revitalisation of Lombard Lane will also be completed by Wellington City Council which is seeking to transform the city's laneways into bright and activated spaces, ultimately helping to make the central city a safer place for pedestrians.

For more information see our ‘In Progress’ update here

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