David Pugh

“We have to build trust with our clients. Explore ideas. Go on a journey – not only of the design, but its evolution and the process.”

Born in Auckland, David’s focus is on buildings that succeed in cities. In his words, "buildings that have an impact on the urban community, that respect beauty and the environment.”

With decades of architectural experience behind him, David has had a varied and successful career. He worked in London for celebrated British architect Sir Frederick Gibberd, as well as working locally on the critically acclaimed Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki.

These experiences armed David with a particular expertise for creating quality urban spaces.

At Jasmax, David is focused on civic, commercial, transport and healthcare projects. He is an expert in planning, development and delivery of complex projects around clear concepts and single minded vision, often with challenging timeframes, constraints and budgets. He is a respected team leader, and maintains close integration with a client’s wants, needs and values.

Now working on Hamilton’s new Waikato Regional Theatre, David is seizing the opportunity to transform this part of Victoria Street and reconnect it with the iconic Waikato River.

“I think successful architecture needs to be both user centric and contextual. The design needs to understand the people and respond to the environment it's in. It comes down to good urban design - following good design principles and doing them well. The strength and simplicity of an idea, and the quality of its execution. If you can’t read the idea by just looking at the building, I believe the opportunity has been missed.”