Euan Mac Kellar

“A bad building can have a negative impact on people’s spirit. A good building can have a positive impact. Architecture is not the only thing that creates a building’s success. It contributes to success and it can foster the right environment.”

Born in Scotland and brought up in Africa, Euan is an outstanding, highly experienced architect whose projects are renowned for making a tangible difference for those who commissioned them, and to towns and cities in which they are located.

Euan co-leads the Health team at Jasmax along with fellow Principal Sarah Hayden. He has been a Principal since 2004. His substantial body of work prior to Jasmax includes vast projects in London, Dubai, Portugal and South Africa, particularly in civic and social architecture.

The projects Euan is responsible for in New Zealand are often complex, made more challenging by processes, technology requirements and budget. Euan’s practicality couples with thoughtfulness and a design ethos which results in an on-going commitment to excellence and improving environments.

He tackles this complexity by bringing clarity and innovation, “There is opportunity to make a difference.” he says. “That’s what I enjoy – taking something that is constrained and doing something that no-one thought of with it.”

Euan is involved in the education of architects and is committed to fostering talent. He has a natural ease and excellent communications skills.

“Health as a sector is rewarding. It’s a combination of budget restraint and doing things differently. There’s innovative thinking in how people deliver healthcare. Patients are important; visitors and staff are important. There’s a new recognition that healing is not just about medicines and machines. Healing is about environment and avoiding getting ill is about healthy environments.”