Hamish Boyd

An enthusiastic collaborator, Hamish aims to harness the collective knowledge of the studio on every project he leads, knowing that deeper insight leads to better outcomes in every case. This is of particular relevance to the sectors he specialises in: education and community.

Projects within these sectors, often government-funded, generally require adherence to strict criteria, providing effective solutions with a defined budget. Within these constraints, his projects have won several national and international awards, including the American Institute of Architects' ‘Good Design is Good Business Award’. This award recognises the distinguished collaboration between all who use architectural design to achieve strategic outcomes.

Hamish is also committed to integrating sustainable solutions into his projects and it is these that have recently provided the greatest successes for his team. Albany Senior High School, Avondale College and Ormiston Senior College are among those schools which have helped to transform the nature of learning in New Zealand, providing truly modern learning environments that are also more sustainable than ever before.