Jerome Partington

Sustainability Manager - Associate Principal

Practice Services, Auckland
Phone09 366 9626
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Jerome is passionate about the environment and has long been an advocate for sustainability. Focused on finding sustainable solutions that meet people’s needs without undermining our society or the bio-system, Jerome is one of the leading sustainability specialists in the country.

He has worked in architectural practice and education for twenty years, with a strong practical construction and technology emphasis. Experience includes many building reuse projects, ecological based design and solar design. He has a wealth of experience in ‘eco’ building materials and systems. His first six years at Jasmax were spent delivering projects in the healthcare, commercial and cultural sectors. Since then he has been developing a strategic, goal led approach to sustainable design and practice, that helps remove barriers and obstacles to success.

As an NZGBC Accredited Professional Jerome offers specific support and advice on Green Star projects and engages in project reviews using JEMS, recently certified to ISO 14001. He provided the sustainable design framework and guided the team to solutions for Te Uru Taumatua, the Tuhoe headquarters, which is targeting Living Building Challenge certification. This will be NZ’s most advanced restorative/ sustainable project.

Jerome‘s role as Sustainability Manager is to ensure Jasmax's designs realise their potential for sustainable outcomes by using the innovative Integrated Sustainable Design (ISD) process which uses a systems world view to optimise outcomes, rather than traditional silo approach. He facilitates ISD sessions to “turbo-charge” projects to ensure it delivers sustainable outcomes.

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