Justin Evatt

Justin is a Principal at Jasmax with a particular focus in community-oriented developments. Justin is passionate about the interrelationship between architecture, the people who use the buildings and the environment. He started work with Jasmax on the Britomart Transport Centre and has lead the design and delivery on many schools, public libraries and commercial developments like the New Zealand headquarters for World Vision.

Justin has been pivotal in establishing the “Living Building Challenge” at Jasmax with projects such as Christchurch’s first all new Modern Learning Environment primary school Pegasus Bay – New Zealand’s first “Net Zero Energy” school.

More recently he has successfully led the Avondale College redevelopment from masterplanning through a 4 year multi-stage redevelopment in an operating campus. This work set a new platform for how we approach sustainable design practice in close collaboration with the client and the users.

He has a keen sense of creative and practical design strategy which integrates directly with the client's and users' needs. He brings forward, manages and delivers exciting architectural outcomes that are true reflections of the desires and aspirations of the people they are created with.

Key Projects