Sarah Hayden

“Health architecture is incredibly rewarding. It has a lot of purpose and it's a great privilege to be able to contribute to the design of spaces that support people's roads to recovering."

Sarah has worked at Jasmax for nearly two decades. During her time here, she has developed significant expertise in the design and delivery of projects within the healthcare sector. This experience has seen her develop a strong working relationship with Jasmax Principal Euan Mac Kellar, with the pair leading a studio dedicated to projects within the healthcare and tertiary education sector.

Within this leadership role Sarah has formed strong relationships with public and private health sector clients, having worked on multiple masterplanning and architectural projects for their facilities.

She has been instrumental in delivering some of New Zealand’s most significant and attractive public health facilities including: the new 30,000 square metre Burwood Hospital (Christchurch), and North Shore Hospital’s superb Elective Surgery Centre.

Her most recent work has been in Dunedin, where she has led the design and delivery of the 19,000m2 Dental School Redevelopment project for the University of Otago, and subsequently their Auckland Dental Clinic in Manukau. Here Sarah’s project management skills, combined with her attention to detail have been well matched with complex and technically demanding projects, while her ability to coordinate a large consultant and sub-consultant team have ensured the project has met the clients' objectives.

"The process of designing these facilities is complex. The building must meet the complex demands of many stakeholders with programme and budget in mind. Most importantly it’s got to be built to last.”