Tim Stephens

“In the last three years I’ve witnessed first-hand how Virtual Reality can, and has, transformed how we communicate our designs to clients, consultants, collaborators – and even ourselves. Today, in my role as Digital Innovation Lead, it’s incredibly exciting to leverage such a positively disruptive technology for the good of design in New Zealand. Just watch where we take this!”

A Registered Architect with over 10 years’ experience, Tim has combined his architectural training with his passion for new and emerging technologies to become Jasmax’s specialist Digital Innovation Lead.

Through Tim, Jasmax has committed to developing and implementing the practice’s use of new technologies including Virtual Reality, Augmented or Mixed Reality and 3D printing. Tim has pioneered their use in Jasmax’s projects and design process, all in pursuit of creating more true-to-life visualisations for our clients and their vested stakeholders.

“Many of these initiatives are shaking up the way we design, the way we interact with each other and with clients, consultants and collaborators” Tim says. “They’re making us more efficient, more effective and, most importantly, removing the risk of misinterpretation of the design –they’re creating a common language and understanding between us all.”

Born and raised on Auckland’s North Shore, Tim spent six years' working in Australia initially designing high-end multi-residences before joining Hassell, one of the country’s prominent multi-disciplinary design firms. It was here Tim first focused in on the transport infrastructure sector, contributing to projects in both Queensland and New South Wales. Tim discovered a passion for designing the buildings and systems that characterise heavy rail projects. “They’re challenging, complex projects,” he says, “Incredibly rewarding because of the impact they have, they’re city building projects.”

Returning to Auckland and joining Jasmax enabled Tim to continue on this trajectory, as he became part of the architectural team delivering Auckland's City Rail Link and Light Rail. Simultaneously, he began considering and playing with the effect of new, visual technologies on the design process.

As Digital Innovation Lead, Tim is now dedicated to revolutionising the experience of architecture from both the clients' and the designers' perspective – using these new, visual technologies. “It’s an incredibly valuable design process tool, both for us and for our clients,” he says.

Key Projects