Three AR Tools to ask your Architect for Now

Ever wondered what it would be like to have X-ray vision – so you can see services hidden behind walls? With Augmented Reality, you don’t need to imagine anymore.

Augmented Reality and architecture are fast becoming friends. Over the last two years, Microsoft Hololens goggles and the fast, ever-developing mobile device app industry, has made Augmented Reality more accessible than ever before. It has made technologies like AR adaptable to many industries – including architecture and design.

Here’s three ways Jasmax are using Augmented Reality to work with clients right now:

1. Mobile Device Augmented Reality – Make your building pop off the page

Funnily enough we’ve been using Augmented Reality apps like ‘Augment’ on our mobile devices for close to 5 years. Using this technology, we can hand you a smart phone and a piece of paper with your site plan on it. When you view the site plan through the phone, the building will pop out of the page as if in 3D.

Immediately, we’re all thinking about the design, its scale and mass, in the same way.

2. Wearable Augmented Reality – Walk Around your new Fit-out or Building

Augmented Reality is different from Virtual Reality. Virutal Reality is completely computer simulated, whereas Augmented Reality overlays designs and ideas onto the real-world.

Confused? Think about it this way, if you’re wanting a new workplace design but already have the premises, we can design the fitout and represent it in an immersive way, overlayed over your existing space within a 360 degree view of these offices.

Then, you can walk around your new design in your existing premises, to see if you like it. The fixtures and furniture will be simulated, but the surroundings they sit in will be the real thing.

Why’s this useful? We can design in real-time, making changes together with you, to perfect the design. We can check (by simulating) things like walking between desks or entering private meeting rooms to make sure we’ve got the dimensions and walkway spaces right. It’s a really efficient way of designing that CAN result in overall cost savings at the end of the project, and definitely guarantees that you’re getting what you think you are.

3. X-Ray Vision – the Facilities’ Manager’s Dream

This is where Augmented Reality really starts to get interesting. Wearing the Hololens goggles, we can give you x-ray vision to look through the walls and ceilings to see the building services – duct work, electrical trays, lighting units - hidden behind.

The value for this product is in the ease of long term maintenance and management – where, for example, services engineers can don the goggles, locate a lighting unit, click it in the Augmented Reality world and hey bingo! drop down servicing information! think of the time savings!

Of course, there’s a time and place to use all of these technologies and their uses are only going to get more powerful. But what’s important to know is that they’re here, we’re ready, and we’re using them for clients. Ask to see these technologies for yourself.

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