Auckland Airport Baggage Claim

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Architecture, Interior Design

As part of Auckland Airport's 30 year vision planning their 'Airport of the Future' masterplan outlined the requirement for a 10 year expansion plan of the airport and its facilities. The key purpose to give Auckland Airport the ability to cope with a projected increase in passenger numbers, and the significant influx periods associated with more wide body aircrafts (Code F – A380s) arriving more frequently to the airport.

The study identified that the airport was in need of increasing baggage reclaim capacity. As a result, an accelerated design exercise was undertaken to programme a functional and alleviate the issue in the short term through the insertion of additional carousels. The functional areas around MPI, for example the areas most travellers know informally as 'customs' and 'declarations', were also identified as being under increased pressure and have subsequently been programmed for upgrade.

This project was designed to align with a small budget to minimise regret spend. The design facilitates future expansion requirements of this area by establishing modules that are flexible and adaptable and fit with simple radial layout.


  • 2016 Property Council NZ Awards - Merit - Special Purpose
Andy Anderson Principal Auckland
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Libby Elmore Architectural Graduate Auckland
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Michael Holehouse Architectural Graduate Auckland
Fruzsina Korosy Architectural Graduate - Associate
Dipak Patel Senior Architectural Graduate Wellington
David Pugh Principal Auckland, Wellington
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Ryan Simpson Architectural Technician - Associate Auckland
Mike Weatherall Architectural Technician - Associate Auckland
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