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With an understanding that their current office fitout could be doing more to support both their business objectives, and their employees, Aurecon engaged Jasmax to transform their existing workplace. The brief identified that Aurecon saw themselves not just as engineers, but as engineering consultants. Thus the interaction between staff and the experience of the client became significant design drivers. This needed to be balanced with an overall aesthetic that acknowledged Aurecon’s global engineering leadership.

The design process explored the meaning of engineering, and how the design could give Aurecon’s employees, and their clients, a unique sense of being in an engineer’s environment. As such, the project team focussed on displaying ‘how things work’ by exposed mechanical, electrical and acoustics services.

Material selection also correlated with raw engineering, such as steel, recycled rubber and plywood (engineered timber), whilst engineering patterns and geometrical forms were translated into the reception desk, the open collaborative meeting spaces, carpet design and angular timber screen walls; representing formulas and structural elements of the industry.

‘Engineering thinking’ was applied to the layout of the workplace, rationalising the design to make it more efficient and easier to navigate. For example, whereas the previous lease had been 3,500 sqm over 3 levels, the new lease is 2,286 sqm over 2 levels, saving approximately 35% in lease floor area. These efficiency gains are largely the outcome of embracing new ways of working, in line with the decision to promote the consultancy aspect of Aurecon’s business.

The design is open plan, with the heart of the workplace functioning as a hub for collaboration and interaction with teams across the office and with clients; whilst integrating quiet spaces and focus rooms. Clients visiting Aurecon for the first time can see ‘engineering’ happening all around them, providing an energy that was missing in the previous fitout.

Ultimately, Aurecon is now able to work in the way they want. Their work spaces are open and have a connecting flow. The office is modern, innovative and has an awe factor for staff and clients, whilst retaining a more informal feel that changes Aurecon’s work behaviour. This final outcome reflects true progression to future ways of working.

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