Devonport Wharf

Masterplanning, Transport

This redevelopment and refurbishment project will re-vitalise Devonport Wharf, and support the seaside community which welcomes frequent commuters and tourists through this active travel hub.

The Devonport Wharf project was formed as part of the Devonport transformation initiative sponsored by the local community, Auckland Council and Auckland Transport. Jasmax joined the project in 2012 after winning a design competition in association with Sills van Bohemen.

The design strategy focuses on creating strong connections between the wharf and town centre in addition to simplifying the commercial spaces while still retaining much of the existing wharf's structure.

The overall vision is to allow commuters and visitors to enter inthe wharf from the ferry grates into an into a simplified waterfront pavilion with clear sight lines to an enlivened north facing boardwalk connected to the axis of Victoria Road and Devonport town centre

Stage one of the project was completed in 2015. The Northern Pavilion is part of the Metro retail strategy aimed to enhance the experience of commuters using public transport facilities while encouraging new visitors to the area.

Stage two is currently in the design stages and is planned for completion in 2017. This phase involves a refurbishment of the central pavilion, providing a more rational pedestrian concourse and consolidation of the retail spaces within this area.

Alterations and additions to glazing on the west elevation, realignment of the stair access and relocation of the bathroom facilities will open up the centre of the wharf, increasing visibility of the ferries arrival and departure further enhancing the travel experience.

A major new retail identity will occupy the proposed central retail space servicing commuter and tourist needs. What was once a market style arcade lining the boardwalk; will now support a well orientated commercial spaces with a food and beverage focus more suited to the busy commuter and wondering visitor.

The refurbishment of the southern pavilion ferry terminal is projected as a future stage three.

Hunter Gillies Registered Architect - Associate Principal Auckland
Paul Lelieveld Architectural Graduate - Senior Associate Auckland
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