Puhinui Rail Station Interchange


The Puhinui Station Interchange is a vital piece of transport infrastructure, linking Auckland to the Airport, and is a significant step towards creating the connected Tāmaki Makaurau of the future.

As an entry point to the city, creating a distinctive and quality passenger experience is one of the key designs aims for the project.

The station identity and context is being developed in partnership with mana whenua. The roof form combines functions as the key identity element, a distinctive feather-like form protecting the people who transit beneath it and a forming a landmark for the local community.

The interchange has been planned to maximise legibility through the careful placement of circulation elements (lifts and escalators), clear sight lines between key decision points, and uncluttered station arrangement. The use of natural light has been maximised and wayfinding is enhanced by integrated signage designed by the Jasmax Brand Design team.

Key passenger functions (entrances, ticket offices, gate-lines, escalators and platforms) are clearly identifiable and arranged logically. Intuitive wayfinding is created by visual connectivity & clear sight lines and appropriately scaled spaces. These have been achieved by delivering a logical station arrangement that is efficient, easy and safe to navigate.

The new interchange forms part of a wider project to bring rapid transit from the Airport to Botany, via Puhinui, and Jasmax are proud to be delivering this project with Aurecon.

Construction work will begin in the third quarter of 2019, and is expected to be complete by the first quarter of 2021.

Chad Bishop Registered Architect Auckland
Alexander Figg Architectural Graduate Auckland
Kaushik Nathoo-Madhoo Architectural Graduate Auckland
Amber Ruckes Architectural Graduate Auckland
Rowan Turkington Registered Architect - Senior Associate Auckland
Martin Walton Registered Architect - Associate Principal Auckland
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