Waikato Regional Theatre

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Cultural & Civic

The Waikato Regional Theatre project will help redefine and transform Hamilton’s cultural precinct. Still currently in the proposal phase, the design combines a hotel, theatre and gallery within the footprint of the riverside site. Its design as a new cultural hub celebrates the heritage, landscape and social character of the site and wider Hamilton.

Jasmax are working alongside international theatre design consultancy Charcoalblue on the project, which is due for completion in July 2021.

The new design will deliver a key performance art centre that is uniquely placed to accommodate most perfomance types; from ballet, to drama, to theatre.

The main auditorium will have a capacity of 1100, however amenity to make the space feel intimate for smaller audiences have been designed in. The design team has also made sure that their specifications are all high quality - from getting the best possible sightlines for every seat, to investing in research for best acoustic performance.

The proposed design reconnects the theatre with the Waikato river, which flows adjacent to the site. Creating views to the river has been prioritised. A key feature of the building is its ability to provide spaces such as plazas and courtyards, spaces that can be used any time by visitors, as a place to relax and enjoy as a community hub.

Other team members

Sophie Edwards Architectural Graduate Auckland
Zee Shake Lee Architectural Graduate - Senior Associate Auckland
David Pugh Principal Auckland, Wellington
Phone+64 9 281 7031 Mobile+64 21 178 5140 Save Contact
Rebecca Wennerstrand Digital Visualiser and Architectural Renderer - Associate Auckland
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