Urban Design

Urban design is the process of shaping the settings for life in our cities and settlements. It brings together the design of buildings, groups of buildings, spaces, infrastructure and landscapes, and creates frameworks and processes for successful development.

For Jasmax this is essentially about people, places, and collaborative working. Jasmax is a signatory to the NZ Urban Design Protocol

Urban Design

Good urban design has a foundation of integrated design. Our dedicated urban team has worked side by side with architecture and landscape teams under the same roof since our inception in 2009. We see this as essential in embracing the reality of complex urban conditions, and we are positive and confident working in extended teams.

Using an Integrated Design Process, we work closely with clients to identify key goals and principles to guide a project, we develop

concepts that inspire and drive performance outcomes, and we resolve detailed and technical challenges in a balanced way.

In our work we are mindful of the stories that have made places what they are now, and keep a keen eye on the potential they have for the future. We aim to create conditions for action rather than static visions, enabling clients and communities to create positive, high quality change.

Our methods and tools are often innovative rather than formulaic, with a strong focus on substance not just style. We believe these objectives and values help us to be efficient and effective, to unlock opportunities and create value.

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