151 Cambridge Terrace

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As one of the first developments completed along the banks of Christchurch’s River Avon, 151 Cambridge Terrace is an iconic commercial property at the centre of the city’s rebuild.

Situated at the confluence of Cambridge Terrace and Gloucester Street, the site commands a prominent location parallel to the River. The triangular nature of the site softened by the rounded façade at the building's apex.

The client’s vision was to provide a high-quality and safe working environment that connects with its context and positively adds to the urban fabric of a ‘new’ Christchurch. As such, the design team were challenged to develop a concept equal to the site's unique setting.

The building’s distinctive rippling façade has taken design cues from the Avon’s watercourse. Linking the building to its local context, floor-to-ceiling glazing strengthens this connection by providing occupants with unrestricted views out to the River and its embankments. Large sections of the glazed facade ground-floor can be opened up to Cambridge Terrace during the summer months; opening the building on to the street level.

External glazed sunshades regulate heat-gain into the spacious, open-plan floorplate. In addition, the use of natural materials within the building reinforces the connection to the surrounding landscape and the Avon River Park.

The seven storey building provides five levels of office accommodation; of which Levels 4 and 5 are occupied by Deloitte. A ground-floor cafe, linked to the main entrance lobby, provides amenity for staff and public alike. In addition, a restaurant and bar area is intersected by a high-quality public thoroughfare, further allowing interaction with the streetscape.

A key innovation of this project is the incorporation of world-leading seismic strengthening technology. Utilising base isolation, the building is mounted on pendulum bearings which, in the event of future seismic activity, will provide the structure a flexibility to absorb seismic movement and ensure better safety to the building’s occupants.


  • 2015 WANZ Glass Awards - Supreme Winner
  • 2015 WANZ Glass Awards - Glass Innovation Award - Winner
  • 2015 WANZ Glass Awards - Best Use of Glass - Winner
  • 2015 WANZ Glass Awards - Commercial $100,000 Plus - Winner
  • 2015 WANZ Glass Awards - Designing with Glass - Winner
  • 2015 Property Council of NZ – Commercial Architecture - Merit Award
John Dennehy Registered Architect - Associate Principal Christchurch
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