Albany Civic Cresent

Completion date
Landscape Architecture

This project involved the development of a premier street in Albany to integrate a busy bus station and civic plaza between the Westfield Mall and Lakes Park – both under construction at the time.

The client’s key focus was to create a public space that combines a transport hub with a walking and cycling route through parklands, providing an environment to make commuters feel safe, comfortable and respected within the wider context of the transport thoroughfare.

The resultant design held commuters at its heart. The integration of foliage into the design of the structural elements of the bus stop canopies synergised with planting along the street edges.

The trees, providing shading and forming gateways, contain the plaza, and a separate planting of the Prunus sp. on the Westfield steps form a connection with the park across the street. Locally sourced materials aligned with client values, and worked to further reduce the carbon footprint of the project.

This project is a prototype of water-sensitive urban design. Through the use of rain gardens, permeable pavements, swales and interconnected tree pits, it exhibits North Shore City’s best practice in storm water management as a showpiece for future developments.

Low level street lighting is used where street trees will compromise lighting requirements. In

all other places, light poles reinforce the curve of the street and can support colourful banners. Lighting poles in the central north / south axis are shared between all three projects.

Dappled shade softens the street edges, blurring the boundaries between park and street. Light filters through the trees create a relaxed atmosphere for cycling, strolling and commuting.

Stephen Middleton Principal Auckland
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