Hillcrest Road Bridge

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The Hillcrest Road bridge was constructed as part of the Northern Gateway Toll Road which opened in late 2008. It is one of only two bridges which cross this new section of State Highway One which provides a more direct route, bypassing Waiwera.

The toll road passes through difficult hilly terrain with high conservation and wildlife values. The necessary highway geometrics requirements have resulted in deep cuts in some places. One

such cut is at Hillcrest Road, which, as its name implies, runs along the crest of the hill. The bridge crossing the toll road was therefore built on the ground for ease of construction and the ground later excavated away to the final motorway level.

The distinctive sagging shape of the bridge thus provides a memory of the original shape of the land, as well as providing the physical link between the two halves of Hillcrest Road.

The sweeping curves and crests of the toll road alignment provide the motorist with a varied view of the structure, while the red painted ‘legs’ are intended to provide a vivid contrast with the greens and browns of the natural and modified environment.

The bridge’s delicacy is emphasised by the darker corrugated reveal section in the barrier which tends to visually elongate the structure.


  • 2009 NZIA Local Architecture Award – Urban Design - Winner
  • 2009 NZIA Resene Colour Award
  • 2010 NZIA Architecture Award – Urban Design - Winner

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