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    The NZI Centre is a dynamic commercial office environment, split over 5 storeys of 1 Fanshawe Street. The architectural, interior and workplace elements have all been designed by Jasmax.

    The Interior fit out was initiated with IAG NZ during the construction phase of the Base Build as an integrated fitout. This allowed the tenant and design team to have a positive influence on base build items which has subsequently improved both the base build and interior project outcomes. The concept was inspired by the socially sustainable and environmentally conscious values of the building occupant, IAG NZ; The NZI Centre is the first commercial building in New Zealand to receive 5 Star Green Star NZ – Interiors 2009 Pilot rating which represents ‘NZ Excellence’.

    When considering accommodation options, IAG NZ were drawn to solutions with high Indoor

    Environmental Quality (IEQ). With this in mind, and recognising the building’s glass façade’s parallels with a greenhouse, ‘the organisation as a living entity’ provided direction for the design. Major interior elements becoming delicate and considered insertions sitting within, resting above and softly reaching for the building fabric, creating a sense of balance and harmony.

    The design team operated a series of engagement sessions that involved personnel from all levels of the organisation, successfully helping to define the unique cultures and characteristics of IAG and also provide detailed assessment of Business Unit requirements including workstyles, efficient utilisation of space and amenities. The design also needed to express the values of IAG’s many brands while also engendering an overall feeling of there being one culture, and one purpose.

    To do this, the structure of a tree was utilised to organise the business. Shared spaces such as cafes and training facilities were viewed as the roots of the company, and therefore located on the ground level. Stairs, lifts and walkways were seen as trunks and branches with nodes along the way for opportunities for bumping into people.

    Overall, the NZI Centre, home to IAG NZ, largest insurance company in New Zealand, is a finely tuned and engineered building that has been crafted to excel in design and performance. It’s an internally light, airy public display of sustainable business and corporate responsibility befitting the values of the client and enriching the city.


    • 2010 NZIA New Zealand Architecture Award - Interior Architecture
    • 2010 NZIA New Zealand Architecture Award – Sustainability
    • 2010 NZIA New Zealand Architecture Award - Commercial Architecture
    • 2010 Property Council NZ Award - Interior - Supreme Winner
    Greg Boyden Principal
    Chris Dale Registered Architect - Senior Associate Auckland
    Michiel Gorter Senior Architectural Technician - Senior Associate Auckland
    Alasdair Hood Principal Christchurch
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    Tim Hooson Principal Auckland, Wellington
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    Kate Horton Leader Subject Matter Expert, NotYetKnown Auckland
    Valentina Machina Senior Interior Designer - Associate Principal Auckland
    David Mahon Registered Architect - Senior Associate Auckland
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    Nick Moyes Principal Auckland
    Phone+64 9 376 0414 Mobile+64 21 520 736 Save Contact
    Stephen Thurman Registered Architect - Associate Principal Auckland
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