Pegasus Canterbury Masterplan

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Pegasus is a new town, 25 kilometres north of Christchurch and adjacent to the Canterbury coastline. Once fully populated, Pegasus will provide a home for up to 7000 residents. The development consists of a town centre, a high-density residential zone immediately surrounding the town centre and an outer ring of lower density housing.

Jasmax was approached to undertake a design study of the high-density residential zone, known as R6A. The planning rules written for the existing masterplan limited the R6A zone to one dwelling type – essentially terraced housing. The client was keen to offer a wider variety of dwelling types within this zone to improve marketability and enhance the streetscapes.

One of the initial changes we made to the existing rules was to simply increase the height allowance for buildings in the R6A zone. This change allows for an increase in building scale, which encourages a greater variety of building typologies. Increasing the sheer number of residents will also lead to a more vibrant community, while increasing Pegasus’ critical mass further and enhancing the viability of the town and the amenities that will serve the community.

The design study resulted in more open space around the buildings for public and private areas. For the benefit of future residents, consideration was also given to maximising daylight penetration and views of the open spaces from the buildings.

New planning rules for Pegasus had to be drafted to ensure the changes to the masterplan were enshrined within the set infrastructure constraints that dictate the future positioning of buildings. The new rules will guarantee the adequate provision of public open space, vistas, and permeability that the revised plan provides.

In the end the revisions to the Pegasus masterplan had a two-fold benefit. They create a town that is more attractive to developers, investors and the eventual residents. This, in turn, makes the town easier to market, which is precisely what the client was after.

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