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The Samsung Home Smart Home can, in its simplest form, be likened to a transformer – a building that reconfigures to adapt to a user’s changing needs.

In one of the more unconventional opportunities presented to us, Samsung and Colenso BBDO approached a small team of design and construction professionals to create a modular dwelling that could reconfigure, house Samsung’s design-led appliances and ultimately “help make any kiwi occasion better.”

In working with this tech-innovator, the architectural process was spun on its head. By utilising the power of true integrated design and diverting from the usual linear design progression, the process saw client, architect, engineer and contractor working together from day one.

The brief presented was six colourful blocks – we were to explore configurations and modes that enabled the use of the space in seven different ways. The greatest challenge of the project was considering how these six units would fit together in multiple arrangements, ensuring that all services would maintain functionality and weather tightness, while still providing a highly-effective, high-quality living space.

The House is designed as six units – four of which are operable and hinge around two fixed units; the plumbed kitchen and toilet facilities. As a prototype for this type of prefabricated housing, each cube design had to be tested in its multiple configurations to ensure that the overall concept was functional.

This consideration was essential as with each shift in configuration, a new wall either meets another, becomes an internal wall or is exposed to the outside. With this in mind, the living and sleeping areas can be oriented around a view or onto a courtyard module, affording the required flexibility for any occasion.

In addition, the whole structure can be folded into a compact secure unit; a potential requirement for the unit’s use as a bach/holiday home or during the long summer months.

Initially showcased at Auckland’s waterfront viaduct, the house has now been reconfigured on a different site for Sustainable Coastlines.

Watch the house reconfigure in this short video.


  • 2015 Best Awards - Gold - Exhibitions Installations and Temporary Structures

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Jerome Buckwell Principal Auckland
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Stephen Thurman Registered Architect - Associate Principal Auckland
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