SH 16-18 Hobsonville Deviation

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Two objectives drove the design of State Highway 18 / 16 Hobsonville Deviation which connects the Northwestern motorway from Westgate to the Upper Harbour Crossing. First, there was the desire to mitigate the environmental and ecological effects of 9kms of new motorway. Second, NZTA and Waitakere city council wanted to create an environment that was visually stimulating and reflected the unique identity of the Waitakere region.

To mitigate environmental impacts, the project incorporated over 750,000sqm of native restoration. The plantings are located in the restored Totara Creek waterway and wetlands and amongst constructed wetlands and existing farm drains to polish water and improve biodiversity.

Extensive plantings on embankments and roadside berms make up the rest and provide an almost continuous wildlife corridor.

The project included the architectural design of the iconic Clarks Lane footbridge, the more recent Westgate footbridge and four vehicle bridges. It also features the strong artistic integration, concrete fascia panels were designed in collaboration with artist Caroline Robinson, while extensive noise walls were designed in collaboration with artist Jeff Thompson and constitutes NZ’s largest piece of land art.

When combined with the vibrant colour of the Clarks Lane footbridge, the artistic influence provides visual stimulation, reducing driving fatigue. The plantings, particularly those within the Totara Creek wetlands were designed in consultation with ecologists and engineers, providing a final design solution that delivered on both project objectives.


  • 2011 NZIA Auckland Architecture Award for Clarks Lane Footbridge
  • 2010 NZCF Auckland Branch Environmental Award
  • 2012 Ingenium Award for a Major Project
  • 2012 Silver IPENZ Engineering Excellence Awards

Other team members

Nick Scarles Senior Landscape Architect - Associate Auckland
Mike Thomas Principal Auckland, Christchurch
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Jeff Wells Registered Architect Auckland
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