Tepid Baths

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The Tepid Baths were originally built in 1914 and are a Category A listed building under the Historic Places Trust. Over 100 years, the building has been exposed to pool chemicals, the open air (originally the skylights were simply holes in the roof), condensation and seawater in the basement.

Jasmax were engaged as lead consultant to restore the building, blending it’s unique heritage with contemporary functionality. Over the course of the project, weekly meetings were held with a project heritage team including Client, Jasmax, Council’s Senior Built Heritage Specialist, the Historic Places Trust and Heritage Architects Matthews and Matthews. These formed the basis for debating and agreeing design moves, and ensuring the heritage nature of the building was retained and restored.

The Main Pool has been restored to a single volume, with the gymnasium now placed on a new floor level above the Learner Pool. The historic changing cabanas have been reinstated to their original design around the pools and the reception area brought closer to original planning. New skylights over both pools - based on the 1920’s addition enclosing the ‘ladies pool’ from the elements - flood the spaces with light, and are operable to retain the fresh air feeling the baths have always possessed. Elements of the building fabric which needed to be replaced have been recycled where possible, such as the Kauri timber roof purlins.

The scope of the renovation included the strengthening of the structure and reinstating the existing heritage façade on a ‘like for like’ basis. Where new architectural work was required, they have been designed to be deliberate new insertions, rather than reproducing ‘faux-history’.


  • 2012 Project Management Institute NZ (PMINZ) Project Management Awards - Public Sector Project of the Year 2012 – Winner
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