Victoria Street Linear Park

Landscape Architecture

Victoria Street Linear Park is envisioned as an east west green link between Wai Kōkota (Victoria Park) and Rangipuke (Albert Park) with each block responding to the character of the precinct it crosses. The Reference Design intersects the entertainment precinct outside Sky City and the Urban Transport precinct between the proposed bus corridor of Albert street and the future light rail/pedestrian corridor of Queen Street.

Two Aotea Station portals will emerge in this portion of Victoria street. It is anticipated that over 13,000 people will be entering and exiting these portals every hour at peak times. Add to that the current peak figures of 2,000+ pedestrians per hour that traverse Victoria St and the predicted numbers coming from Albert and Queen Streets and it becomes clear that the future of this portion of Victoria street is more about pedestrians and public transport users rather than the private vehicles.

The response replaces some of the vehicle lanes with large areas of high quality pavements to accommodate the anticipated volumes of pedestrians whilst providing high amenity areas for pause where possible. These areas are where the parklike nature of the street can come through with lush native plantings, permeable pavements, seating and the opportunity for the expression of local landscape and mana whenua narratives that reinforce a strong sense of place.

A key part of the Reference Design was developing protocol with ADO as to how to engage with mana whenua throughout the design process. Once the valley slopes of Waihorotiu, the project seeks to celebrate the presence of the stream through the collection and treatment of water, native planting and expression through materials. The topography of the site also allows for clear visual connection to Rangipuke to the East and Te Waitematā down the canyon of Albert Street. These views are to be curated and the connection to the park beyond celebrated by drawing the informal arrangement of the park vegetation and key species into the site.

Once complete, Victoria Street Linear Park will become one of the key projects from the City Centre Masterplan that will contribute to Auckland Council’s vision of taking Auckland to Tāmaki.

The project was undertaken in partnership with Auckland Design Office.

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